Median "Peach" Dewitt-O'Conner



Age: 24 Birthplace: Savannah, GA

Personal Description:

Ideology: Feminist

Significant People: She admires her strong-willed grandmother.

Meaningful Locations: Ancient Pueblo ruins in Southwest, where she has been doing her research.

Treasured Possessions: “Old timey” handgun from grandmother.

Traits: Risk taker.





Spending Level: 10
Cash: 20
Assets: 500


She comes from an old southern family. Her grandmother ran a Depot for the Underground Railroad. While they still own the site of their plantation, they have lived in Savannah since the plantation home was burned in the Civil War. Is her family wealth is largely spent, or is she just disconnected from it?

She has recently received her doctorate in archaeology, and is continuing her archaeological research into Ancestral Pueblo populations in the American Southwest. She has come to Arkham to collaborate with another Southwest archaeologist-Anthony Cowles.

Median "Peach" Dewitt-O'Conner

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