Celestino Evangalista

A member of Karl Davis' unit in the Great War.


Served with Karl Davis during the Great War, believed dead after [[Session VII: Operation Peregrine | Session VII: Operation Peregrine]].

He found Davis at the Chelsea Hotel and told him there was a way to avoid turning completely mindless. It wasn’t easy or fun, but it allowed for a fair amount of…freedom.


Celestino Evangelista was born in Milan to a military family. His father was a shrewd, disciplined officer also known for his piety who also studied his military arts abroad in places like Germany. He would make sure his 6 daughters and only son understood their heritage but also was open to the world — as Milano had always been a crossroads of trade. Tino grew up pretty well off in the industrialized Northern Italy, while he was doted on by his mother and sisters, his father was a different story. Tino knew there would be a time in which he would be expected to don the uniform — whatever form it would be in. His father made sure he shot straight at the age of 12 and had some form of military discipline.

But he also wanted to make sure his children were cultured and understood the world around them. Tino tended to like those lessons more. He loved languages and reading and became fluent in French and German at a young age and passable in English. He also found he liked to draw — a hobby his father insisted had to be his mother’s influence. Tino did have a talent for it. He grew into a difficult and rebellious teenager who delighted in partying and flirting, something that drove his father bonkers.

War broke out in Europe when Tino was 16 but he felt relief when Italy declared neutrality but he didn’t know for how long (he did have his father’s mind for strategy whether he would admit it or not). He arranged for himself to leave Italy for New York right at the age of 18. He knew what his father wanted him to do and he really didn’t want to go if/when Italy entered the fray. He tried to talk his father out of it. Instead, his father said, “You can either join the army or join the church.” Tino didn’t want to do either of those things. He stole some of his father’s money and sailed first class to New York City in which he had gotten into his big old 18 year old brain of his he would be the next great artist.

That didn’t happen. Instead, his money ran out quickly and he spent a lot of his days working on the streets selling his sketches. For a short period of time, he also worked as an errand/delivery boy for various businesses. Turned out that here he was but a small fish in a very large ocean. Even though he went to bed longing for the rich cuisine of his homeland, Tino actually grew to appreciate the life of austerity … to a degree. Part of it, was out of pure stubbornness to not return home to his angry father and disappointed mother. But he did have a freedom he didn’t previously had.

By the time 1917 rolled around, Tino had been in the US for going on three years - humbled but still optimistic and easy-going- and the US entered the war and he found himself faced with a Catch-22. He could dodge the draft (his 21st birthday was on the draft day start of June 5th) and risk getting caught and deported (thus facing father and no doubt being tossed to the crappy and cold Italian Alps front) or he could enlist and become a full citizen but go to war anyway. Either way, he would fight in the war.

So off he went where he trained to be a scout due to his fluency in German and French. He just had to ignore that small, father sounding voice, in the back of his head telling him that he could not run from what he was destined to be.

Celestino Evangalista

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