The year is 1924. Following the upheaval during the Great War, the United States has returned to a state of normalcy, of a sort. Social and political liberalism has swept the nation. A prohibition on alcohol is in effect, women have been granted the right to vote, and the economy is booming. But not all is as great as it seems. Civil rights are still a battleground, and the war took a heavy toll on the world. Many did not come home, and those who did will always carry the scars with them.

But there are far darker things in this world than most dare to guess. Whispers in dark alleyways, the beats of distant drums deep within the jungle, heavy mists the sun cannot penetrate and into which men are said to disappear. As the stars above move on their predestined course, a foulness begins to cover the earth.

Against this backdrop of speakeasies, suffrage, and stock markets, we lay our scene. Our story begins in Arkham, Massachusetts. In early autumn, the semester has just begun at Miskatonic University….

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Notes on Sources: A bibliography, of sorts.

1920s Slang:

Eldritch Descent, or Things Which Should Not Be

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