The Bloody Tongue and Juju House

The mutilation and markings on the body of Claire Simpson, along with the mention of Harlem by Lt. Martin Poole, led Karl Davis to ask around Harlem.

Some people didn’t know anything. Others clearly didn’t want to talk to him. Some seemed afraid.

He ended up at a place called Fat Maybelle’s. A sleazy speakeasy. He managed to get enough information-a place called the Juju House and a man to steer clear of, Mukunga.

When he asked at the Juju House about the symbol, which he would learn is the mark of the Bloody Tongue, he was assaulted by three armed ruffians. He barely escaped with his life.

When he returned at night with Peach and Simon Clough, they interrupted a cult ritual by kicking the apparent leader into a pit in the basement and ran off into the night with Carman. Karl took most of the heat in one direction, although Peach and Carman managed to get away, in part to the daring heroics of Simon, who was nearly killed. They took him to the hospital.

Karl evaded his pursuers and got back to his backup hotel room at the Chelsea Hotel. As he collapsed, he found himself confronted by Mukunga.

Slowly, deliberately, Mukunga peeled off his skin, revealing the desiccated flesh of Private Steven Smith.

The Bloody Tongue and Juju House

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