Simon's Dreams in Arkham

Lately, Simon Clough has been having weird dreams.

In the first one, which has been recurring, he is always ends up at an old crypt, with the name Winthrype on the lintel. He enters, and sees a freshly laid out body on a slab. He has approached it to see his wife, Ruth Clough (nee Winthrope), laying in state. Or she is hanging from a noose. Her eyes pop open and she tries to croak out some words, grabbing at him.

In another dream, he found himself in his son’s bedroom, unable to move. A shrouded, hunched figure moved silently through the room. The figure picked up Clifford, and another boy climbed out from the shadows and into Clifford’s bed.

In the third dream he found himself in a strange…room? The mirrored, black walls formed some sort of faceted shape he was inside, hovering in the center of. From one side, the shrouded form emerged. As it came closer, the figure straightened. When the figure looked at him, he saw it was Ruth.

Median “Peach” Dewitt-O’Conner had one dream, in which she was in the same room. She saw three figures around a table: a robed figure, a woman, and a figure dressed in puritanical clothes with ashen white skin. Ruth took a dagger and cut her arms, letting the blood pour into a bowl. The last thing she saw was the one in puritan clothes point at her with an eyeless face staring towards her.

In the last one, he was walking down a long hallway. Simon slowly recognized it as from his childhood home, Lord’s Tor. Instead of portraits of his ancestors, there were doorways. Through each one, he saw a Clough dying, and replaying their death over and over. There were six closed doors at the end: Simon; Geraldine, his sister; Francis, his father; Laurence, his uncle; Clifford, his son; and Henry, his brother.

Simon's Dreams in Arkham

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