Notes on Sources

Having an academic background myself, I feel compelled to provide a bibliography of sorts.
Nobody wants this in MLA format, so this will be loose. It should point out what I have knowingly used, or at least admit when I have lifted stuff from the internet at random.

So, in order to give credit where credit is due, I feel I should at least put in here somewhere when I am pulling from someone else’s work.

Published Scenarios I have used, in whole or part, or been inspired by
If you like and idea, maybe it came from one of these. Also, if you are a player, please avoid looking at this material. I mean, really.

Crimson Letters
Masks of Nyarlathotep

When I was able, I pulled photos from published scenarios (most notably, Crimson Letters).

PC Portraits were done by one of the players. See more here.

Most of the other portraits for NPCs and the like were pulled off of the internet. I used Google and searched for images until I found one I wanted to use. I’ve mostly used photographs. These are of actual people, so if you read this People I’ve Used Pictures Of, I hope you don’t mind.

Notes on Sources

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