Eldritch Descent, or Things Which Should Not Be

Session VIII: New York Minute
Nearly Lethal Beginnings in the Big Apple

Arriving in New York, Karl Davis went to meet Carman Dominguez at the Chelsea Hotel.

Room 410

Meanwhile, Peach attended Professor Anthony Cowles’ Lecture.

Simon finished off loose ends at the Abandoned Butcher’s Shop.

Karl looked into The Bloody Tongue and Juju House.

Peach tracked down Aurthur MacWhirr and found out some information.

Session VII: Operation Peregrine
More Memories of Karl Davis

There was a time in the Great War. Davis was part of a unit sent behind enemy lines to disable artillery in advance of a push. They managed to disable the guns, but were forced to take shelter in catacombs under the old church.

Explosions above knocked open some older tunnels, and several of the unit members fell down. These included Karl Davis, Celestino Evangelista, Corbin O’Leary, Roger Stevens, and Steven Smith. While looking for a way out, they stumbled upon some brickwork. on the other side, they found an old book held by what looked like an arm. On further examination, it was a statue of some sort.

On a nearby sheet-covered platform, Smith screamed as something grabbed him. The form under the sheet turned bloody as it emerged, while smith was desiccated. The skinless human figure attacked them, and they ran out, eventually finding their way out.

Corbin O’Leary was grabbed as he climbed out. Davis went after him and saw the thing peeling the skin off Corbin.

The thing pursued them as they tried to escape through the trenches. There were a lot of explosions and death. Roger Stevens sacrificed himself so the remaining two, Evangalisto and Davis, could escape.

As they waited for rescue, Evans learned there seemed to be some spread of the thing through evil deeds. Both he and Davis had done plenty. Especially Davis, who after putting a bulletin Evans’ head managed to get back to the Allies side.

Session VI...Another Man's Poison
Wherein extreme odds are beaten

Karl Davis remembers his first case as a PI-a serial killer the papers dubbed the The Matheson Mauler. Working with Roscoe Lockhardt, he managed to determine a pattern, and after a brief chase with a suspect he did find a possible target in Virginia Martin. They narrowly saved Virginia, finding her in her house with the slain bodies of her mother and sister. They tried to help, but the killer managed to get her. As the killer escaped, Karl got a look at his face, and recognized that of Corbin O’Leary, a man he knows to be dead.

Back in 1924, Simon continued to help Dr. Francis Schmidt, and managed to learn some things about the parasites and how they developed and altered the hosts. He also realized that time was running out for Clifford. Although the insurance did pay out a bit on his recently-incinerated house. So that’s something.

The later-stage hosts all tried to go…somewhere. Simon and Karl let one loose to follow, and they tracked it to a reservoir near Arkham that serviced a large area in New England. In the cellar of an old house, they found a nest, and what they could only surmise was a queen. They were informed that the parasites sought to destroy humanity, and had already established a foothold across New England. They managed to get away and torch the house.

Meanwhile, Peach was talking to Abner Wick, trying to learn more about her family. He told her some, and suggested she return later that night and he would give her some more documents. When she did so, she found him lying in a pool of blood with a strange knife in him. As she turned to leave, she was confronted by Simon’s nanny, Flannery O’Shae. She drew a sword and attacked Peach, chasing her into the tunnels and warrens below Wick’s shop. As O’Shae cornered Peach, she monologued a bit, not seeing the yellow eyes behind her. As she told Peach how she would not allow her son’s name to be tarnished by such foul offspring, the rubbery hands closed in on her and dragged her into the shadows.

Dr. Schmidt, talking to Simon, had the idea to dump all the toxin he had, which proved effective against the parasites, into the reservoir. Of course, the substance has proven immediately fatal to 10-20% of people, plus anyone infected would likely die as well. So all three of them went to try to stop him. As they chased Schmidt up the cliff, they realized he intended to drive into the reservoir with the toxin and blow it up, thereby releasing it into the water supply. They drove Schmidt off the road, and he crashed into a ravine, and the truck exploded from the dynamite he was carrying, spewing toxin into the air and making Simon and Karl violently ill.

In the hospital, Simon opened a strange box he received from the insurance company-what they had found in the wreckage of his house. It transported them all to that strange room Simon and Peach had dreamed of, where a figure offered to heal Clifford if they brought him the bones of Goody Winthrope.

Thinking about it, they decided on another course of action. Since the parasites detached from the hosts if they were dead, that seemed to be the only way to get it off of Clifford. So they killed him and resuccitated him after the parasite left his body.

Clifford is safe, and has a new nanny. The crazed Dr. Schmidt is stopped. No witches were revived. The parasites are possibly still around, that is unclear. And Karl has a telegram waiting for him.

Session V: One Man's Meat...
Where neither the past nor the future provide a sanctuary from the present.

_Peach had always taken after her grandmother-independent, free-spirited, and strong-willed. Her grandmother was the sort of woman who always carried around her old-timey pearl-handled revolver. When Peach was 11, her grandmother died. There was a fire, and the funeral was closed casket. She was buried out at the family plantation, in accordance with her wishes, although Peach’s mother scoffed at it.
In the days after the funeral, Peach wandered the old family grounds. She stumbled upon the old plantation, which had been abandoned since it was razed in the Civil War. Exploring the area, she nearly fell into a collapsing floor while she tried to search an old desk. She also found a signal lantern she thought was from the Underground Railroad. Exploring the cellar, she found a tunnel hidden behind an armoire. Down the tunnel she found the desk, and a small lock box, which she took with her. Further down the tunnel, she took a left and came upon a large chamber. By the dim light of the signal lantern, she made out several pairs of yellow eyes glinting at her. She tried to escape, but was pulled back. She heard some horrid chittering, meeping noises, then she was picked up and held against a body. As she lost consciousness, she thought she heard her grandmother’s voice whisper in her ear, “There, there, my little Peach. It’ll be okay.”

She awoke in a shack, where a black woman greeted her. She explained she had found her at the crossroads, and brought her back. She gave Peach a tarot reading, predicting a dangerous choice and something she called a “rougarou”-the black dogs. When they got to the crossroads, the woman pointed Peach on the road back and handed her a bundle she said she found with Peach. When Peach opened it up, she found a familiar pearl-handled revolver…._

Karl Davis, having mostly recuperated, started looking into the missing kids. He learned that they mostly vanished from the poorer, immigrant neighborhoods. From them, he learned they seemed to vanish at night, from their rooms.

Simon Clough, having avoided his home, has been staying with his wife’s uncle, Bryce Fallon. He enlisted Davis to go with him, since his son was asking about the stuffed bunny, which he referred to as “Mister Jessey”, that Peach had brought home from the Hobbhouse Manor. Inside, he packed up some clothes and his books and headed back to Fallon’s. Davis stayed behind and went to the basement. He found no trace of the tunnel, and even smashing out the wall revealed only dirt. With that, he burned the house down. Cause that’s a thing you do. The police notified Simon Clough (and might have been suspicious….)

Peach, exhausted from the long hours between work and helping Karl and Simon rest, has felt drained. But she has felt like she has been watched…followed…things just at the edge of her vision, scuttling about. That night, she woke up to a…thing on her windowsill. A pair of yellow eyes in the dark that hearkened back to her childhood….

She spent the night at Davis place (making him sleep on the couch). The next day, they continued researching. Simon discovered there was at least one Jessup in the Hobbhouse family. That night, Davis stayed awake and kept watch by the window. The things showed up, and he gave chase, telling Peach to stay behind. She did, but one of the things got inside. It looked at her and ran. She wounded it and followed the trail of blood into the sewers. From there, it led into tunnels similar to the ones she had found as a child. She came across three of the things feeding on the corpse of Lucy Stone. She also found a familiar green lock box.

One of the tunnels led to Abner Wick’s shop. When he was questioned, he provided some information and opened the box. When Peach read the papers, she discovered that to smuggle escaped slaves out of the South, her family had made a deal. They helped feed the rougarou, and her great-grandmother had bred with them. Her grandmother had been the fruit of that union….

Davis tracked the thing he chased to a house, where it snagged Clifford Clough. Simon, discovering his son was gone, ran out after it to find Davis shooting it. Davis injured it, but it kept running. They followed it to a car, where a man took the child and the thing ran off. Davis shot a tire out and shot the driver. Simon took his son home, while Davis disguised himself and drove to a location on a map in the car. The driver, he realized, had no eyes, not even sockets.

At the place, a barn in a desolate area outside of Arkham, he saw another car with a normal looking guy at the wheel. A man similar to the one Davis had shot (and stuffed in the trunk) came out of the barn. There was a fight, and Davis killed the man, while the other car drove off, although Davis got the license plate, which he tracked to Emerson Imports, in New York City.

Peach and Karl went to NYC, while Simon stayed behind. He did an autopsy on the man Davis had killed and found a crab-like thing attached to the brain.

Arthur Emerson was not helpful, so they broke into the warehouse after hours. They had to knock out (and frame) a night watchman, but found the name of the driver. They went there, and the driver, after a few failed shots, told them he didn’t know what was in the packages-just that he was well paid to deliver them to a dead drop. Davis had the man drop him off instead of the abducted child.

He ended up in the basement of a butcher’s shop. The only person there panicked when threatened, and told him how he was trying to cure the children of a brain parasite. The parasite turned the human hosts into strange creatures, and he had not found a way to remove it without killing the host, of which he was one.

Realizing Clifford likely had one of these things, he called Simon to come and help this odd doctor, Francis Schmidt, find a cure. Although his methods were definitely…extreme, it might just be the only way to save Simon’s son.

Exodus 22:18
All's Well That Ends...In a Well?

Simon’s Dreams in Arkham have continued, as the small town gears up for Halloween. The recently discovered Witch Trial Papers have brought a fair amount of attention to the town. Simon spent his day reading his old books, teaching his classes, and going to the abandoned cemetery to look at the old Winthrype crypt. As he came back into Arkham, he saw a car parked up by the old, supposedly abandoned, Hobbhouse Manor.

Meanwhile, Karl and Peach have resumed their normal lives. Jackson Elias mentioned to Karl that he was working on a new book, focusing on legends in New England, and he could use some help chasing down leads in the area. If interested, Elias suggested Karl look into a vampire legend in the local town of Bainesbury. Karl went to Bainesbury and tried to look around. He had little luck, only finding a reference to a “Byron Merton.” Between it being late, and the sheriff discouraging him from poking around, he headed back to Arkham.

Peach, meanwhile, having talked Abner Wick down on the pot, picks up her colleague and landlord Anthony Cowles. He was excited about the pot, and talked about some of his research in the Southwest and his plans to return there when he could get an expedition together. Later that evening, she saw weird lights coming from the Hobbhouse Manor and decided to investigate. As she examined the house, Simon pulled up and joined her.

Exploring the manor, all manner of odd things happened to them. Noises, things moving, blood from the walls. That sort of stuff. In the end, they found the Diary of Caleb Hobbhouse. They went back to Simon’s office at the University to read it. Simon eventually went home, while Peach spent the night in his office.

When Simon got home, his wife was gone and his son was alone. He called the police, and as he talked to the officer Ruth showed up, soaking wet from head to toe, still in her clothes but without shoes. She remembered nothing, but had deep cuts in her arms. Simon didn’t sleep that night, while Peach started having weird dreams herself.

The next day, they enlist Davis to help them. Simon asks him to find out what happened to Ruth. Davis checked the beach and found her shoes. From his guess, she probably went to the strange island in the river. Using the small motorboat Simon had, all three went to the island. On the island, they find a stone-lined well. When Davis dropped a rock down the hole, there was no splash-instead a horrid screech, possibly from a wounded and dying animal.

Wanting to get a better look, Karl used a rope to lower himself into the well. When he saw what was there, he lost his grip and fell. Whatever was in there was chained up, and he just barely got beyond its range. Simon and Peach lowered themselves down, and upon seeing what was there they both sort of snapped. Karl managed to gather them and they found a path out.

The path, of dressed stone, led for what seemed like forever down a cavernous hallway. Eventually, they found a room with dressed stone. One wall, however, looked like masonry. Using a nearby sledgehammer, they pounded through, only to find they were in Simon’s basement. Leaving the others there, Karl continued down the hallway. The hall eventually terminated at a ladder, which led up. Forcing the heavy stone atop the ladder off, Karl found himself in the old Winthrype crypt. He began walking back to Arkham.

Peach helped Simon recover. As he regained his senses, he realized they were alone. Worried, they decided to go look for Ruth. Davis got back, and said he would check the island while they checked the children’s parade. Simon and Peach had no luck at the parade, so they made their way to the island. There, they found Davis reaching into the well, holding onto something, as it just slipped away and he dove in after it.

Before he dove, he let them know that he had found Ruth at the well and she had jumped, with Clifford. He had been holding Cliff up, but something pulled him down. They climbed back down the well. They managed to fend off the thing down there, while Simon grabbed his son and ran away.

There was something else in the well, a cloaked figure. Karl felt a burning pain along his back and collapsed, while Peach seemed to connect with the beast for a second. In all the confusion, Karl recovered and they grabbed a dazed Ruth and ran away.

Getting back to Simon’s house, Peach and Karl suggested he get Ruth help.

The Smoking Heart
A Journey Back in Time and Through the Jungle

Karl Davis remembered Jackson Elias from two years ago. He had been working in New York and had taken a job. He went down to Mexico to find the author, who had gone missing. Upon reaching Campeche, he hired two locals to act as guides and translators: Carmen Dominguez and Ruby Blanco.

The last message from Elias had been from Campeche, saying he was going to look into a “cult” near the town of Ebano Aleros, so they headed there in Ruby’s truck. The town was a blasted shell of a town, slowly dying as the younger generation moved away to the cities. The people seemed nervous, and uncertain about the strangers. They heard talk of a cult in the jungle, reviving the sacrificial practices of the old Mayan god of sacrifice, El Corazon de Fumar.

The town priest, Padre Carerras, gave them little. He denied knowledge of Elias, but Davis felt like he was lying. So they snuck back at night. They found that he was making some sort of deal with an armed man, dressed like one of the guerrillas that plagued the entire region. Carmen was spotted, and got into a brief firefight before being grabbed ino a jeep heading for the jungle. Quick thinking by Ruby freed Carmen, but the jeep sped away.

The three pressed the priest for information, and he told them Elias had headed into the jungle, but that they should stay away from there. Ignoring that advice, they took the truck and headed out. They made it to a bridge over a river they had to cross on foot. Ruby got across first, but was met by a strange being dressed in Mayan regalia and warning them away. Davis ran across, but fell into the river. Carmen headed across, and by the time she got over there, Ruby had put a bullet firmly into the chest of the creature, who they were fairly sure was just a man.

They went looking for Davis, and found him being taken away by three more guerrillas. They followed, the shadows closing in on them as the sun set. Davis was taken to the temple complex, where the jungle had been beaten back and large bonfires and floodlights lit the area. He was taken to a man who seemed to lead the smugglers-a British man who identified himself as Henry. He explained that he was simply ensuring privacy for his research, and that Elias (and now Davis) would be free to go when he was done.

Meanwhile, Carmen and Ruby’s attempt to infiltrate the smugglers met with no success, and they too were captured and met Henry. Ruby, able to parse out some of the glyphs on the wall, found a hidden area of the temple, and Henry took her to explore. Henry explained some things to Ruby-he was trying to translate a ritual, but things in the darkness trying to stop him but kept at bay by the lights. Within the bowels of the temple, they could hear a storm rolling in….

Carmen joined Elias and Davis in their cage. Doing the classic “pretend illness” bit, they managed to escape. Eventually they all met up, but seemed to be pursued by something just inside the shadows. The meager flashlights and Karl’s lucky lighter kept them at bay….

Henry led them towards the exit, but then went a different way himself. Carmen and Ruby went after him, and Davis, seeing the exit, told Elias to wait while he went after them. Carmen and Ruby came on Henry in a room intoning something, when a shape lumbered at them through the shadows. Ruby fired, only to realize it was Karl, who slipped into unconsciousness. Carmen ran to him, and when Ruby tried, she found a soft lavender light seemed to keep her there. Turning to see Henry, she saw the room fill with iridescent bubbles, expanding and popping. Henry looked at her, wished her luck, and stepped into a large one. Ruby tried to follow, but the bubble popped. Dark shadows gathering at the door encouraged her, and she jumped at another bubble, falling…..

Elias, having heard the gunshot, found Carmen trying to bandage Karl. They carried him out to a jeep, the shadows pushing in at the edges of their feeble light. Karl regained consciousness as they drove through the jungle. When they made it back to civilization, he got the bullet taken out, and he and Carmen spent the night together. He awoke groggy with sleep and pain, to see Carmen slipping out the window. His money was gone, and in place was a note. Elias was able to get money wired to them in Campeche, and they caught a steamer back to New York.

Session 2: Inked in Blood
The fate of the Witch Trial Papers is decided

Having left the Asylum and the seemingly insane Cecil Hunter, the three investigators had a number of leads they could follow. Over lunch, Davis decided he wanted to find out what Roach had taken from Hunter’s apartment. Quickly forming what can generously be dubbed a plan, Davis went to search Roach’s house while Clough and Peach went to distract Roach.

Clough tried to track down the elusive historian. He followed the trail to the Dean’s office, where he learned they had gone out just after lunch. The secretary, after some subtle and overt flirting, told him they had gone to Roach’s house, where he claimed to have something important for Fallon.

Meanwhile, Davis had no luck rummaging around in the Professor’s apartment. He just barely heard the car pull into the drive, and hid himself in a closet as Roach and Fallon came in and retrieved a small leather folio-the Arkham Witch Trial Papers. Sure that Roach had them all along, and that something dire was underway, Davis determined to get those papers….

Peach and Clough, meanwhile, found they were too late to warn Davis about the arrival of Roach and Fallon. Peach tried to act as a distraction, posing as a lost English woman. Who needed to use their phone. Roach took her to his study for some privacy, and he and Fallon excused themselves.

Davis quickly explained what he knew, and resolved on a course of action. Jumping from the window, he twisted his ankle but pressed on. He thought about slashing Roach’s tires, but thought better of it and hid in the back seat. Meanwhile, Peach and Clough followed Roach and Fallon as they drove back to the University.

At the University, Fallon and Roach went their separate ways. When Davis emerged from the car, Peach and Clough joined him. At this point, Clough had an idea-Hunter had said Leiter had never let him have the papers long, instead keeping them locked up. And they knew Hunter had been forging the papers for Leiter. The realization dawned on them-those papers were almost certainly a forgery!

Peach and Clough decided to go check out their remaining lead-the antiquarian Abner Wick, whose letter Leiter had felt it necessary to burn. Meanwhile, Davis went to Fallon and told him he suspected those papers were a forgery. Fallon said if he found the originals then he’d still get paid, and asked him to run the papers over to a professional to check their authenticity. A man who owned a shop downtown named Abner Wick. Convenient, that.

At the shop, Clough and Peach met Abner Wick, who wasted no time in showcasing his wares. Rare books, sir? Right over there. Pottery from the Southwest, miss? Right there. Peach found a unique pot, which Wick said was from the Southwest. It certainly looked like it, but the shape was…odd. And there was something off about the markings as well. His asking price, sadly, was well out of her price range. At least for now….

Meanwhile Dr. Clough found a section of books labeled as reserved for Henry Clough, his deceased brother. When he asked Wick about these, Wick, learning Simon was related to Henry, told him how his brother left a bit of debt behind. ::Sigh::…you trust and Englishman to pay his debts too….

Somewhat begrudgingly, Simon paid his brother’s debt and claimed a stack of specially ordered books. He’d have to look through them later though, as then Davis walked in.

When Davis confronted Wick about the Witch Trial Papers and Leiter, he was perfectly up front about purchasing rare files Leiter had stolen. And about the forgery racket Leiter had going on. They could try to turn him in, but if they thought he lasted this long by being sloppy enough to get caught, they were sorely mistaken. Leiter had stumbled onto something bigger than he knew with the Papers, and it had gotten him killed. Possibly a heart attack, or maybe one of the potential buyers decided to just take the papers. Wick did not know. The only other information (other than confirming the Papers Davis had from Fallon as forgeries) was a lead back to Lucy Stone, Leiter’s paramour.

At Hibb’s Roadhouse, they said no one had seen Lucy-she was late for work, in fact. They told the investigators where she lived. At her apartment, it seemed clear she was leaving town, a point Clough remembered as well. But there was some evidence she was heading to Leiter’s to “get what she could from his safe, if it’s still there”. Clough went to cut her off at the train station, while Peach and Davis went to Leiter’s house.

At Leiter’s house, they found the body of Lucy Stone. Davis found $1000 on her, but not the Papers. Then, books started flying off the shelves at him and Peach. Evading that, the bookshelf toppled over on them. Running downstairs, they went to the door, but it held shut. Both pulling as hard as they could,

the door swung easily inward as Clough opened it from outside. Having had no luck tracking Lucy Stone, he came back here. He found the story of the “flying books” rather unlikely. More likely was the bookshelf simply toppling over. Americans.

Peach noticed some tire tracks in the grass, leading away. Torn turf suggested the driver left in a hurry. Then, Davis noticed something, or someone, moving in the bushes nearby. Gently coaxing them out (at gunpoint), the found Cecil Hunter, who had evidently escaped the Asylum. He said a man had been here, had killed Lucy, and left. He urged the investigators to follow him.

They drove as far as they could, then walked into the woods, following Cecil. It was dark as they got to the ravine. Noticing the gravestones dotting the slope, and the flickering light down below, Davis told the others to wait there. He and Hunter continued down. He tried to sneak up on the figure standing in a circle of candles, but failed. The figure turned, ranting at him about interrupting, and the Devil, and selling his soul. Davis recognized a deranged-looking Anthony Flinders.

When the dust settled, Cecil Hunter was dead, Flinders had been…devoured by…something. The Witch Trial Papers had…well…it was hard to put into words, and the investigators decided to leave it at that. But when the papers seemed, for lack of a better word, docile, Davis wasted no time putting his lighter to them, and they all swore there was a horrible scream echoing through the woods.

Looking up, Clough realized he stood at the base of the crypt from his dreams. The old Winthrype Crypt….

No one slept well that night. The police had seemed to accept the “escaped mental patient killed a woman and they had to kill him” explanation. But that didn’t mean they did.

Clough dreamed he was in his son’s room. He watched, paralyzed, as a cloaked, crooked figure walked up and took his son. Another boy, just like his son, emerged from the robes and climbed into the bed….

Wick was disappointed the papers were gone, but handed the forgery over to Davis, who returned them to Fallon and said they were legit. Some things are better left unknown. The only thing Fallon could offer was an invitation to a reception for a visiting author of some renown in a few days. Davis invited Peach along (and Clough, being fairly well-connected through Fallon, was already invited). At the event, Davis met someone he hadn’t seen in years: the visiting author, Jackson Elias.

Session 1: The Crimson Letters
An exploration of Arkham and its inhabitants

While walking across campus late one night, Peach noticed a light on in a building. Climbing the stairs to investigate, she could have sworn she heard other footsteps in the stairwell….Finding the source of the light, she discovered a young woman standing over a body!

Simon Clough was awoken late at night, or perhaps more accurately early morning, by an insistent knock on the door. It was his wife’s uncle, Bryce Fallon, the faculty dean at Miskatonic University. Fallon told him the University was in need of his…services. The body of Charles Leiter had been found on campus, and the University would prefer this be kept quiet.

A few days later….

Karl Davis met with Dean Fallon, who contacted him about a job. While inventorying the papers of the late Dr. Leiter, Harland Roach, of the History Faculty, discovered that the Arkham Witch Trial Papers were missing. Hoping to avoid legal entanglements with the Hobbhouse Estate, Fallon was contracting Davis to locate the missing papers.

Davis began by interviewing Harland Roach and Emilia Court, the graduate student who found Leiter’s body. Roach gave him the keys to Leiter’s cottage, saying he already looked there. Court suggested a “creepy undergraduate” who was obsessed with the Papers, Anthony Flinders. David decided to check out Leiter’s cottage.

Meanwhile Peach, curious about the odd state of the body, looked for any probably cause of death in the medical library. Failing that, she looked in the occult section. The only thing she found was the idea of demon possession. She contacted someone else on campus who knew about “these sorts of things”, an undergrad by the name of Anthony Flinders,who suggested, among other things, that they go check out Leiter’s cottage….

And Dr. Clough performed the autopsy on the body. While “sudden cardiac arrest” was not wrong diagnosis (which Fallon had asked him to put on the death certificate the night the body was discovered), it was not the whole picture. The optic nerves had been burned and the eyes were whitish-gray masses of coagulated tissue. Also, the gut flora also seemed to be all dead. While doing this, the morgue seemed a creepier place than normal. The lighting was inconsistent, flickering on and off. There was the insistent sound of footsteps from the next room, wherever he was. And were those…voices?

At Leiter’s cottage, Davis looked for any clues. Failing that he started tearing the place apart. While doing this, he did not hear the car pull up, and was interrupted by two thugs. Taking him for the late Dr. Leiter, they began demanding their money. Playing along, Davis learned that Leiter owed these mobsters in Atlantic City a considerable sum of money. The hoods realized their mistake halfway through beating Davis halfway to death.

As they left, Peach and Flinders came in through the back door. Davis, thinking quickly, got the drop on them. With his gun pointed at them, things were tense for a moment but quickly defused as they realized their common agenda. Together, they found scraps in the fireplace and a letter on the doorstep

Meanwhile, Dr. Clough was dealing with unexpected visitors. First, an attractive blond woman, claiming to be a friend of Leiter’s, asked to see the body to pay her last respects. Politely turning her away, Clough went about hanging a sign to discourage unauthorized visitors. Unfortunately, Oaks and Shaunnasy were not so easily discouraged. As they demanded to see the body, the lights went out. Seizing the opportunity, Clough ran out, losing the mobsters in the maze of the basement. With a sigh, he decided to go for a walk.

Meanwhile, Davis, Peach, and Flinders stopped in for a drink at Hibb’s Roadhouse, where their conversation was overheard by a man at the bar. Dr. Clough, intrigued by the investigation into Leiter’s death and the papers, struck up a conversation with them. As they all compared notes, they noticed two familiar mobsters talking to one of the waitresses, who Clough recognized as a friend of the late Charles Leiter’s named Lucy.

Interrupting, Davis walked over to the mobsters. They explained that they needed to confirm Leiter was dead. Since Davis was “such good friends” with Dr. Clough, they “encouraged” him to convince the doctor to let them see the body. Davis agreed, saying they’d meet them at the the morgue in the morning.

As they left the bar and went their separate ways, Davis decided to head back to Miskatonic. Harland Roach was still in his office, and so he waited. Davis followed Roach as he left, and watched from outside as Roach entered an apartment. After Roach left, Davis went in, kicking the door down. Inside, he found that the apartment belonged to Cecil Hunter, and came across several strange pages. He took them to Clough’s residence, but before he knocked, he decided to go to Peach instead.

The papers revealed a connection in the family histories of Simon Clough and Goody Winthrype. They would eventually learn that this was also connected to his wife, Ruth Winthrope. Meanwhile, Clough began having strange dreams….

The next day, they all met the mobsters at the morgue, where Dr. Clough produced the grotesque body of Charles Leiter. It appeared to grab one of the mobsters and rise up off the slab, attacking Davis.

Or maybe Oaks just caught the things arm and panicked? Then, as he moved away he pulled the body with him and it fell into Davis? It all happened so quickly….Although there were now two bullets in the head.

Going to the asylum, they met a quite insane Cecil Hunter. Amidst all the rantings, they learned that he forged papers for Leiter. When the produced the forgeries Davis found in his apartment, he was terrified ranting about “flawed geometry” and Goody Winthrype. There was apparently something in the Witch Trial Papers that unhinged Mr. Hunter.

But what? And where are the paper? Hunter said Leiter kept them with him. But then what did Roach take from the apartment? And who is this Abner Wick? And what happened to Anthony Flinders and Lucy Stone? And what killed Charles Leiter?


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