Dr. Francis Schmidt

He's mad. He's a scientist. But is he a Mad Scientist?


A doctor who had been abducting children (or…having them abducted?). He was conducting experiments to try to find a way to non-lethally extract the Encephalatic Parasites from the hosts.

According to his research thus far, the parasites enter the host as larvae, generally preferring juveneille hosts. As the host developes, the chemical and physical changes help the parasite develop as well, and as it grows it begins to alter the hosts behavior: psychosomatic hallucinations, increased aggressive tendencies, and long periods of deep sleep all indicate the parasite’s growth and development. Eventually, the parasite takes hold of the host’s behavior directly, and tries to return it to return to a safe place-a nest or hive, most likely, Dr. Schmidt hypothesizes. The host goes comatose, and physical changes manifest, eventually turning the host into something only dimly resembling humanity.

Dr. Schmidt is trying to find a way to remove the parasite without killing the host, before these later stages. So far, he has not had much success. He has had some promising developments with a toxin, but that can pose an equal threat to the host as well. Surgical removal has uniformly killed the host in a “particularly unpleasant manner.” The three of you might be less inclined to let him continue, if it were not for the fact that young Clifford Clough was apparently infected as well.


Dr. Francis Schmidt

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