Charles Leiter

Deceased Professor


Charles Leiter was an up-and-coming star of the history faculty at Miskatonic University. Handsome, charming, and intelligent, he moved with ease withing the social world of Arkham. He had been given the opportunity to inventory and assess the Hobbhouse Estate, including the highly publicized The Arkham Witch Trial Papers.

He was found dead by his student, Emilia Court and Median “Peach” Dewilt-O’Conner. Shortly afterwards, Harland Roach discovered the Witch Trial Papers were missing.

Perhaps Leiter lived a double life? It has been discovered that he was romantically involved with Lucy Stone and owed money to the mob in Atlantic City. Additionally, he employed Cecil Hunter to forge historic papers, it seems. What is the truth? What is lies? And what killed him?

Autopsy of Charles Leiter.


Charles Leiter

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