Aurthur MacWhirr

Aging Archaeologist who has kept a Secret for too long...


Learning that Arthur MacWhirr was actively discouraging Cowles from undertaking his expedition to look for a site MacWhirr had reportedly discovered years ago, Peach tracked him down to learn more.

He told her of an expedition he’d led into the desert, looking at ancient native pueblo sites and cliff dwellings. He claimed to have stumbled upon a cave that led into an amazing network of underground tunnels and rooms. He found a trapdoor and opened it.

He fled in terror as an unearthly and detestable whistling seemed to hound after him. He escaped into the desert. He could only hope the dynamite he used sealed the cave forever. When he wandered back into base camp, they thought he had gone mad. And that the desert had claimed more reckless explorers was certainly no surprise.

No, he tells Peach. He has held off saying anything about this to avoid stoking curiosity. But Cowles got a hold of some of his old notes and now he needed to speak up so as to not allow this doom to be visited upon the world.


Aurthur MacWhirr

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