Eldritch Descent, or Things Which Should Not Be

Session VII: Operation Peregrine

More Memories of Karl Davis

There was a time in the Great War. Davis was part of a unit sent behind enemy lines to disable artillery in advance of a push. They managed to disable the guns, but were forced to take shelter in catacombs under the old church.

Explosions above knocked open some older tunnels, and several of the unit members fell down. These included Karl Davis, Celestino Evangelista, Corbin O’Leary, Roger Stevens, and Steven Smith. While looking for a way out, they stumbled upon some brickwork. on the other side, they found an old book held by what looked like an arm. On further examination, it was a statue of some sort.

On a nearby sheet-covered platform, Smith screamed as something grabbed him. The form under the sheet turned bloody as it emerged, while smith was desiccated. The skinless human figure attacked them, and they ran out, eventually finding their way out.

Corbin O’Leary was grabbed as he climbed out. Davis went after him and saw the thing peeling the skin off Corbin.

The thing pursued them as they tried to escape through the trenches. There were a lot of explosions and death. Roger Stevens sacrificed himself so the remaining two, Evangalisto and Davis, could escape.

As they waited for rescue, Evans learned there seemed to be some spread of the thing through evil deeds. Both he and Davis had done plenty. Especially Davis, who after putting a bulletin Evans’ head managed to get back to the Allies side.


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