Eldritch Descent, or Things Which Should Not Be

Exodus 22:18

All's Well That Ends...In a Well?

Simon’s Dreams in Arkham have continued, as the small town gears up for Halloween. The recently discovered Witch Trial Papers have brought a fair amount of attention to the town. Simon spent his day reading his old books, teaching his classes, and going to the abandoned cemetery to look at the old Winthrype crypt. As he came back into Arkham, he saw a car parked up by the old, supposedly abandoned, Hobbhouse Manor.

Meanwhile, Karl and Peach have resumed their normal lives. Jackson Elias mentioned to Karl that he was working on a new book, focusing on legends in New England, and he could use some help chasing down leads in the area. If interested, Elias suggested Karl look into a vampire legend in the local town of Bainesbury. Karl went to Bainesbury and tried to look around. He had little luck, only finding a reference to a “Byron Merton.” Between it being late, and the sheriff discouraging him from poking around, he headed back to Arkham.

Peach, meanwhile, having talked Abner Wick down on the pot, picks up her colleague and landlord Anthony Cowles. He was excited about the pot, and talked about some of his research in the Southwest and his plans to return there when he could get an expedition together. Later that evening, she saw weird lights coming from the Hobbhouse Manor and decided to investigate. As she examined the house, Simon pulled up and joined her.

Exploring the manor, all manner of odd things happened to them. Noises, things moving, blood from the walls. That sort of stuff. In the end, they found the Diary of Caleb Hobbhouse. They went back to Simon’s office at the University to read it. Simon eventually went home, while Peach spent the night in his office.

When Simon got home, his wife was gone and his son was alone. He called the police, and as he talked to the officer Ruth showed up, soaking wet from head to toe, still in her clothes but without shoes. She remembered nothing, but had deep cuts in her arms. Simon didn’t sleep that night, while Peach started having weird dreams herself.

The next day, they enlist Davis to help them. Simon asks him to find out what happened to Ruth. Davis checked the beach and found her shoes. From his guess, she probably went to the strange island in the river. Using the small motorboat Simon had, all three went to the island. On the island, they find a stone-lined well. When Davis dropped a rock down the hole, there was no splash-instead a horrid screech, possibly from a wounded and dying animal.

Wanting to get a better look, Karl used a rope to lower himself into the well. When he saw what was there, he lost his grip and fell. Whatever was in there was chained up, and he just barely got beyond its range. Simon and Peach lowered themselves down, and upon seeing what was there they both sort of snapped. Karl managed to gather them and they found a path out.

The path, of dressed stone, led for what seemed like forever down a cavernous hallway. Eventually, they found a room with dressed stone. One wall, however, looked like masonry. Using a nearby sledgehammer, they pounded through, only to find they were in Simon’s basement. Leaving the others there, Karl continued down the hallway. The hall eventually terminated at a ladder, which led up. Forcing the heavy stone atop the ladder off, Karl found himself in the old Winthrype crypt. He began walking back to Arkham.

Peach helped Simon recover. As he regained his senses, he realized they were alone. Worried, they decided to go look for Ruth. Davis got back, and said he would check the island while they checked the children’s parade. Simon and Peach had no luck at the parade, so they made their way to the island. There, they found Davis reaching into the well, holding onto something, as it just slipped away and he dove in after it.

Before he dove, he let them know that he had found Ruth at the well and she had jumped, with Clifford. He had been holding Cliff up, but something pulled him down. They climbed back down the well. They managed to fend off the thing down there, while Simon grabbed his son and ran away.

There was something else in the well, a cloaked figure. Karl felt a burning pain along his back and collapsed, while Peach seemed to connect with the beast for a second. In all the confusion, Karl recovered and they grabbed a dazed Ruth and ran away.

Getting back to Simon’s house, Peach and Karl suggested he get Ruth help.


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