Eldritch Descent, or Things Which Should Not Be

Session VI...Another Man's Poison

Wherein extreme odds are beaten

Karl Davis remembers his first case as a PI-a serial killer the papers dubbed the The Matheson Mauler. Working with Roscoe Lockhardt, he managed to determine a pattern, and after a brief chase with a suspect he did find a possible target in Virginia Martin. They narrowly saved Virginia, finding her in her house with the slain bodies of her mother and sister. They tried to help, but the killer managed to get her. As the killer escaped, Karl got a look at his face, and recognized that of Corbin O’Leary, a man he knows to be dead.

Back in 1924, Simon continued to help Dr. Francis Schmidt, and managed to learn some things about the parasites and how they developed and altered the hosts. He also realized that time was running out for Clifford. Although the insurance did pay out a bit on his recently-incinerated house. So that’s something.

The later-stage hosts all tried to go…somewhere. Simon and Karl let one loose to follow, and they tracked it to a reservoir near Arkham that serviced a large area in New England. In the cellar of an old house, they found a nest, and what they could only surmise was a queen. They were informed that the parasites sought to destroy humanity, and had already established a foothold across New England. They managed to get away and torch the house.

Meanwhile, Peach was talking to Abner Wick, trying to learn more about her family. He told her some, and suggested she return later that night and he would give her some more documents. When she did so, she found him lying in a pool of blood with a strange knife in him. As she turned to leave, she was confronted by Simon’s nanny, Flannery O’Shae. She drew a sword and attacked Peach, chasing her into the tunnels and warrens below Wick’s shop. As O’Shae cornered Peach, she monologued a bit, not seeing the yellow eyes behind her. As she told Peach how she would not allow her son’s name to be tarnished by such foul offspring, the rubbery hands closed in on her and dragged her into the shadows.

Dr. Schmidt, talking to Simon, had the idea to dump all the toxin he had, which proved effective against the parasites, into the reservoir. Of course, the substance has proven immediately fatal to 10-20% of people, plus anyone infected would likely die as well. So all three of them went to try to stop him. As they chased Schmidt up the cliff, they realized he intended to drive into the reservoir with the toxin and blow it up, thereby releasing it into the water supply. They drove Schmidt off the road, and he crashed into a ravine, and the truck exploded from the dynamite he was carrying, spewing toxin into the air and making Simon and Karl violently ill.

In the hospital, Simon opened a strange box he received from the insurance company-what they had found in the wreckage of his house. It transported them all to that strange room Simon and Peach had dreamed of, where a figure offered to heal Clifford if they brought him the bones of Goody Winthrope.

Thinking about it, they decided on another course of action. Since the parasites detached from the hosts if they were dead, that seemed to be the only way to get it off of Clifford. So they killed him and resuccitated him after the parasite left his body.

Clifford is safe, and has a new nanny. The crazed Dr. Schmidt is stopped. No witches were revived. The parasites are possibly still around, that is unclear. And Karl has a telegram waiting for him.


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